Node system in DBPro

I almost finish my node system.I will use it to create dialog trees and other text stuff which have different options to select.Plugins used: BBB gui plugin – for windows style gui and D3D func plugin to draw all nodes and bezie lines. Unfortunately DBPro appears to be very slow to draw all of this.

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Vertex Ambient Occlusion

Here is my small piece of code to produce baked vertex ambient occlusion.

You can download source code here:

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DarkVoices plugin tutorials

Here is official tutorials for DarkVoices lip-sync plugin for DBPro.They were released a long time ago by TheGameCreators  but due to the fact that I can’t find them on web I upload them here.Enjoy.

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Snow shader

Create this procedural shader during optimizin my G-Buffer workflow

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Check new version of TreeIt

Now with quick creation of bump maps fro leafs!

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File encryption

Add encryption to text files. Will be use it fot saves/data files.

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GUI progress

Currently finishing my 3d GUI system.It was good idea not to use built-in sprites/cursors: you can use shaders that produce different effects for windows,buttons etc.Also paste a lot off sprites each time on the screen is not fast as I need.There will be ability to create windows,buttons,text and scroll bars – everything from external script files.


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