Useful links

Here are useful links for all who wants start or continue game creation on Dark Basic Pro

This page will updated as soon as I find some new and useful stuff.

Dark Basic Pro itself 

Free version ( DirectX 9.0c).Install it and after that update for one of the patches below.It already consits some media and tutorials for beginners.

Last candidate update ver. 7.7 Release 7.It fixes some issues but incompatible with last plugins like Dark Dynamix

Last official update

Unofficial update DBPro 9Ex – I use this one

Update for last official and then install this one.

More info about:

Unofficial DirectX 11 update. Add tons of new features.Still in development.

More info about:

IDE ( Editors for DBPro )

Last version of Synergy Editor – Windows 8.1 & 10 Compatible – I use this one

The Game Creators Collection ( Plugins for DBPro )

Cloth and particles free plugin download.

Dark AI. Easy create AI for your games.

Dark AI for DarkGDK.

DarkDynamix download. Powerful physic system using PhysX by Nvidia.

DarkDynamix for download DarkGDK.

DarkLights download. LightMapping functions.

DarkLights download for DarkGDK.

DarkNet download.Functions for Multiplayer.

Dark Occlusion download. Optimize rendering geometry.

DarkPhysics download.Another useful physics system based on PhysX.

DarkPhysics download for GDK.

DarkPhysics projects download.

Download DarkShader tool for easy shader creation.

DarkSource download. Collection of tutorials fo Dark Basic Professional.

DarkVideo download.Video compression and playing.

DarkVOICES download.Lipsync functions.

Enhanced Animation download.Animation system.

Enhanced Animation download for GDK.

DBPro eXtends download.GUI , sprites , particles and more.

Download Unity plugin. LUA scripting language in DBPro.