October 2016 update

6 moths pass my last message, so here is first 10 from update list for it:

  1. Ive change Dir Light technique to PCF.It cost less RAM.
  2. Ive add new SSAO and new bilateral blur for it.Old one was horrible.
  3. Also find good jitter technique.Useful for shadows and SSAO blur ( you can find it here http://blazelight.net/en/articles/ssao-tutorial-english.php )
  4. Add Cubemap Probe rendering and saving ( DXT1 , DXT5 cubemap compression )
  5. New exponential fog for smooth gradients. Dont use linear!
  6. New Light Scattering – now support up to 3 different light sources!
  7. Ocean improvement – new foam , wave direction angle and more.
  8. New wind system.Much more realistic then the old one. Now with wind gusts, bending and random branch moving.
  9. Improve Evolved’s motion blur. Get nice technique from here: http://john-chapman-graphics.blogspot.ru/2013/01/per-object-motion-blur.html
  10. New Time of Day transition system.Much more easier for edting.
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