Some news about Leadwerks 3 engine.Leadwerks 3 now on Steam Greenlight.

An update for Leadwerks 3 has been released, bringing new graphical enhancements to mobile games. Building on the efficient art pipeline and user-friendly tools of Leadwerks 3, the engine now supports projected shadows for characters and other dynamic objects. This technique works by casting a shadow onto the surrounding world geometry, to provide real-time shadows that run fast on all platforms.Leadwerks 3 has also gotten a visual upgrade with the addition of post-processing effects. In Leadwerks 2, all post-processing effects like volumetric light scattering, screen-space ambient occlusion, depth-of-field, and bloom were hard-coded. That is, they were written into the core engine and it was difficult to customize the renderer. Leadwerks 3 has added a new command, Camera::AddPostEffect(), which allows the user to attach a shader right to a camera, to automatically render post-processing effects.

The new update also includes features to make it easier to share projects. The Project manager has been outfitted with new Import and Export buttons. You can export an entire project as a single ZIP archive. You can also import a project from a .zip or .werk project file. This makes it easy to share projects and collaborate with other Leadwerks developers as a team.

Vote for them on Greenlight:

Leadwerks is a fast and flexible development platform for building mobile games with native code. You can download a 30-day trial version on the website here.

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